Use Blogging to Boost your online Business…

I must say the one of the best and free way to build your business is thought blogging. The key is to blog daily to start ranking in the search engine sites. Be sure to use key word in your blog. The best way to see what people are searching for is through Google ad words. that way you are sure to us the word or phrases that are the most popular the month prior…

SEO words will help your blog to rank much higher…

Be sure to blog in-depth with the subject that you choose. If its a new subject to you be sure to study it and become a pro about the topic that you are writing about.. This will get your blog to the top.

Empower Network Blogging…

I use Empower Network. They have an high-ranking blog platform that is design for the sole purpose to rank you blog on top. For a Free video on Empower Network click here. Check out the niche that resonates with you, then just start bloging about that topic. In a previous blog I went in detail on the different options for blog hosting. I personaly use The Viral Blogging system from Empower Network. It cost only $25.00 a month and its super easy to use the blog.

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Do You Have Goals ? Do You Write Them On Paper?

Hi Friend,

One of the things that I do daily is read over the goals that I have written out. I set goals for 90 days at a time. I’m sure to write them clear and with the outcome that I want to see within the time that I have for that particular time frame.

Why wright them on paper or record them on a iPhone?

This way I can read them everyday. I have the ability to adjust my coarse if need, to realign to achieve the goals that I planned at the end of the 90 Days. If you don’t wright them down you become like a rocking horse, making a lot of motion but not getting any ware.

Can I see progress when reviewing my goals daily?

Yes I sure can. It keeps me Sharpe  focused to sharpen the skills that I have and also think of new ways to achieve the goal.

How can I develop daily reviewing goals?

The research shows that if you do something for 29 days straight that you will develop a new habit. This is one of the things that are taught in myB.I.M. coarse. Click here for more information on B.I.M.

Do yourself a favor and start making a goal list today. You and those around you will be glad that you did. :)

God Bless,