How To Sell Online With The Most Important Tool You Can Use!

There are so many marketers that are selling online. They have products in all kind of niches. If you take a look at their offers many, if not most of them are just looking for a quick buck. That is why 98% of all online marketers are failing and only the top 2% are VERY successful.


Selling online is an art and you need to be able to rise above the other marketers. That is why my team and I do things a lot different than the 98% that are failing. There are some laser targeted ways of achieving your dream to selling online and actually making great money on line.

making money online

The MOST important thing that you need to do is to use a capture page to capture the traffic to your site (building your list). What is a capture page? It is a landing page with a unique designs that when people opt in to your “list” it saves the email that they enter into the landing page.

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Here are some Landing Page examples that I use for my online business. Just click on the link. Example 1, Example 2, Example 3

There are many software programs out on the market that you can buy. They range from $200.00 to even $1,000.

I have found that most of the programs you can buy for the Landing Page look like most of the ones already out there. The key to a successful Landing page is it MUST be unique! My team and I use a program that you can create as many unique Landing pages as you want. The cool thing is that it’s free to use. You just need to fill out some information and you will then have access to the software. Click here to get access. You will need to enter your name and email to get access.

You will need to get a domain to link to your Landing page. They are very inexpensive, they range from $4.00 to $14.00 per year. I use Bluehost for all of my Landing Pages.


The Landing Page is step one to a two part setup. Once you get your Landing Page setup and ready to go you need to have an autoresponder to save all the emails that your Landing page collects. I use Get Response as the autoresponder for all of my Landing pages.

So why do you need to go through all of this just to compile emails? The answer is very easy. This is how you build your “list” of contacts. This list is the life’s blood to your business! The autoresponder is a way that you can communicate to your list. You are wasting your money if you are running ads and not “building your list”.

I will be covering this information more in depth in the upcoming post

Once you get this implemented into your business, you will be able to sell your products online a lot easier.You will be able to send your list newsletters of whatever the current product that you are selling. So even if they don’t buy on day one, they may by later on down the road.

This is why it’s so important to use a landing page with an autoreponder. My team has resources that will take you through this step by step. You just need to go here and register.

I hope this information has been helpful for you! Be sure to follow this blog for more updates on this subject.

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How To Have Success In Your Business By Doing The 30/30/30 Plan.

Hi Friend,

Have you ever wondered why some people have what we call the “Midas Touch?” Literarily everything they touch turns to gold! Then on the other hand we see someone else doing the same thing the first person is doing and they fail at the very same thing the person with the” Midas touch” does.

Why Is this?

Maybe the answer is in the condition of the successful person, the one with the Midas touch!

What do I mean by the “condition” of the person? You see, success is not an accident at all. You have to prepare your whole self for it. You need to have detailed goals, write those same goals down. You need to be laser focused in your business.

set and reach goal concept

In my online marketing team we have what’s called the 30/30/30 plan. This plan is designed to; first and foremost develop our mindset for success. The fact of the matter if you have stinking thinking, then your business will fail.  If you have laser focused thinking then you will succeed with anything you put your mind to!

For more information on the 30/30/30plan, check out my video series.  I will go in depth on this plan. Watch video HERE.


I recommend reading books on successful people to see why they are successful. People like, Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Ecker. The list goes on and on. The point is you want to read their books to see what personal habits that they have and see where you can improve your own outcome to achieve what your goal.

Remember do anything (good) for 30 days and you will develop a great habit for your success. I believe in you, now go and make your dreams come true!




Use Blogging to Boost your online Business…

I must say the one of the best and free way to build your business is thought blogging. The key is to blog daily to start ranking in the search engine sites. Be sure to use key word in your blog. The best way to see what people are searching for is through Google ad words. that way you are sure to us the word or phrases that are the most popular the month prior…

SEO words will help your blog to rank much higher…

Be sure to blog in-depth with the subject that you choose. If its a new subject to you be sure to study it and become a pro about the topic that you are writing about.. This will get your blog to the top.

Empower Network Blogging…

I use Empower Network. They have an high-ranking blog platform that is design for the sole purpose to rank you blog on top. For a Free video on Empower Network click here. Check out the niche that resonates with you, then just start bloging about that topic. In a previous blog I went in detail on the different options for blog hosting. I personaly use The Viral Blogging system from Empower Network. It cost only $25.00 a month and its super easy to use the blog.

God Bless,


How To Start A Blog…

Here’s  some information on how to start a blog…

There are some key steps that are need to be able to start blogging. As you read I feel that you will have all the information need on, how to start a blog.

You will need to decide on a topic first. You will find that there is a large number of bloggers on the web. You need to be unique. Blog about something you have passion about. Also the topic needs to be about something you have experience with.

To host or not to host is another thing that you will need to decide. there are some choices to keep in mind. There are some free blogging site as well as some paid. What are the difference? Do you want to just put out good quality writing? Or do you want to make money while you blog?

How to start a blog with paid hosting…

Paid blogging Services  – I am with the Big Idea Mastermind Team in Empower Net work. I personally use Empower network for my blogging service. It is a high ranking site. Its only $25.00 per month with a lot of options to get a large following. As well as the ability to make money from the Blogging Platform from the Empower  Network site. Click here or click on any of the banners on this site to see how to start a blog with a paid blogging service…

How to start a blog with free hosting…

Free Blogging Services  When you start a blog with a free blogging service, you don’t get your own domain and you don’t actually own the blog.  You share the server with millions of other people. This way it will take longer for you to rank with the search engines. If you ever do decide to move to your own domain, you have no way to take your readers with you, because you have no control over the site. If you are interested with the free blogging service, click here. To see how to start a blog for free.

 How to start a blog by finding  a Domain Name…

If you know what you want topic to blog about then you are have to find a good domain name. There are lots of places to buy domains, but it’s better to go with a reputable company.

Go daddy and Blue host have  good domains to choose from. I do other Online marketing. I use Go Daddy and Blue host and they are very good and their prices are very good. Around $9.99 per year. If you choose to go for paid hosting I recommend Empower Network. They are the best! :)

How to start a blog with the Viral Blogging Platform.

By far, the easiest way to get a website is to go with Empower Network ,they offers a turn key blogging system and you don’t have to set up anything. They do all of that for you. You can even post video blogs straight from your smartphone…

I hope this blog helped.  I recommend viewing these two post listed below.There is a lot of information that I think will help you start blogging right away…


The Minimalsit


Blog Ideas For Online Marketing.

Powerful And Practical Online Marketing Blog Ideas And Inspiration…

Any business owner will benefit from a well-run internet marketing campaign. There are dozens of ways to get new clients through marketing. Some are incredibly effective and inexpensive. The tips in this article will help you leverage Internet marketing to grow your company to levels you could only dream of.

A well-designed website is the first step toward increasing your search engine ranking. This is a great first step for those new to running a web business. Once your website operates without glitches and looks great, you are ready to move forward with marketing.

Provide something really unique on your website. This will most likely get you a ton of traffic. Getting people to visit your site in the first place is half the battle. Not only will the visitors boost your page ranking, they’ll also check out the rest of your site, too.

Luck is not enough for your internet marketing venture, rather you should always work hard. You will never come across a big business that just happened to “luck” into fame and fortune. Was Coke lucky when their soda became a hit? Not at all. They did a superb job of marketing their product.

Other Blog Ideas…

Be certain to make use of textual emphasis techniques as you plan your site’s layout. You can emphasize a single word using tags to underline, bold, or italicize it. This technique can improve clarity in the message that you want to convey so that your audience can receive your message in the intended interpretation.

With a solid plan for internet marketing, you can already tell which of your products make you the most money. Expand on the popularity of those products by bundling them with complementary products. When a customer buys one product, always recommend a related product or accessory. These complementary products are sold through your more popular products and may not require the same amount of advertising as completely unrelated products.

If you make the effort to bring in experts in your field for interviews, you can make the results into outstanding content with a powerful Internet marketing effect. Video interviews can be very effective, but audio or textual interviews can work well too. Your site’s traffic will increase due to new visitors coming by after watching, reading or listening to your interview. This increases your reputation and spreads your brand.

Put banners on your website that do not look like banners. Make them look enticing so that they engage customers. Most of the time people don’t click on banners, so be creative and entice them to.

Advertisers like to see reports in Analytics which are fresh – reflecting their up-to-the-minute AdWords settings – and consistent with the AdWords reporting. Today, Google Analytics is excited to announce that it is rolling out a new AdWords integration infrastructure for our advertisers to realize these benefits. More importantly, the new integration is laying a foundation for adding new AdWords dimensions quickly – such as Ads – and paving the path for a rich set of reports such as enhanced campaign bid adjustments and Google Display Network targeting settings. Highlighted below are a few ways in which the new platform will start impacting AdWords reports in Google Analytics.

How to Create Valuable Content

The easiest and best way to create content that will benefit your audience and get you ranked higher in Google is by starting a blog. Again, I am sure you have heard this before, and you will continue hearing it because it works. If you don’t believe me, dedicate the next three months to writing 2 or 3 blog posts every week. I guarantee you will see phenomenal results.

How to Get Blog Post Ideas

If you are willing to take this 3 month challenge, you may be a little overwhelmed with the thought of coming up with new topics every 2 or 3 days. Well, since all of us at PROSAR Inbound want to see you succeed, I am going to provide you with three of my favourite tactics for coming up with new blog ideas.

1.  LinkedIn Answers

If you go to you will see a Question and Answer forum that is chalked full with blog ideas. Search for your niche and start writing blog posts that will help answer some of these questions. For an added bonus, once you write the blog post, put a link to it in the LinkedIn Answer forum.

2.  Google Alerts

This feature from the Search Engine giant is a great way to generate blog ideas. Go to set up an alert for a couple of your industry keywords. Have it deliver 20 articles a day and you will get fresh blog ideas delivered right to your e-mail.

3.  Brainstorm Headlines

Set a goal today to write 5, 10, or even 20 new headlines by the end of the day. Take a moment to jot down every potential headline that comes to mind, regardless of how silly it sounds. For some great tips on writing headlines, check out this post on Copyblogger.

These are just 3 suggestions for coming up with ideas. There are plenty more such as creating Top 10 lists or using any of these 42 blog ideas. The key to success for creating a valuable blog is to take action. Write on a regular basis and you will see results with your target audience and with the search engines.

Do You Have Goals ? Do You Write Them On Paper?

Hi Friend,

One of the things that I do daily is read over the goals that I have written out. I set goals for 90 days at a time. I’m sure to write them clear and with the outcome that I want to see within the time that I have for that particular time frame.

Why wright them on paper or record them on a iPhone?

This way I can read them everyday. I have the ability to adjust my coarse if need, to realign to achieve the goals that I planned at the end of the 90 Days. If you don’t wright them down you become like a rocking horse, making a lot of motion but not getting any ware.

Can I see progress when reviewing my goals daily?

Yes I sure can. It keeps me Sharpe  focused to sharpen the skills that I have and also think of new ways to achieve the goal.

How can I develop daily reviewing goals?

The research shows that if you do something for 29 days straight that you will develop a new habit. This is one of the things that are taught in myB.I.M. coarse. Click here for more information on B.I.M.

Do yourself a favor and start making a goal list today. You and those around you will be glad that you did. :)

God Bless,


My Story About My Adventure With Online Marketing…

Hey Guys,

 I wanted  to share with you a little about me both before and after Big Idea Mastermind… :)

About two years ago, I started with online marketing. I had some success but at a small level. I tried many of the ” New Shining  things out there”. The problem I found with most of those is, they will teach you a few ideas, and just enough to keep you buying  their products. They made the money, but I didn’t make any!

Back in Arkansas before Big Idea Mastermind…

During the time with the first round of marketing, that I stated above. I was working at that time with a cable, internet, and phone. I was in a mid level management at that time… My family at that time lived in Northwest Arkansas. Well with the company that I was working with started struggling, not enough sales to justify the amount of people that we had employed. So long story short, I was laid off. The strange thing about it I was making more money a week on unemployment. I now make more in one month that I did in one year with the cable company that I worked for… :)

The Game Changer In the Online Marketing world with Big Idea Mastermind…

My good friend and multi millionaire mentor,

Vick Strizheus showed me the tools that I needed to achieve mind blowing success.

How much a month? 6 figures a month!

The Big Idea Mastermind Game Changer…

The key to online success is defined by three parts to consider…

The Vehicle, The Engine, and The Fuel.. For more information on these parts click here.

 Life now here in Houston Texas…

Lets now fast forward to today. My family and I now live in Houston Texas. I am now working from home with my now successful online marketing company!  My wife works at a number one computer company. She works there not because she has to, its because she wants to. By the years end our Online Company with be a multi million online marketing company. This would have not been possible if I didn’t take the chance that my buddy Vick gave me fromBig Idea Mastermind.  If you can view the link here, you will be given the information that you need and the tools to achieve the same success that I now have through my Online Marketing…

Why Big Idea Mastermind?

Because my sponsor Vick  Strizheus  is the leader in traffic generation techniques.  If you take what he teaches to heart you will dominate the online market over all the others.

The cool thing about Big Idea Mastermind, is will take care of your customers on automation! I recommend that you check out Big Idea Mastermind to see the awesome power of this company that I use everyday.

What does the future look like?

I must say that the future is bright for us! The cool thing is there is enough room for all of us here with B.I.M. I was just on a conference call with Vicks team, we are super excited on some of the NEW techniques that we are going to start very soon!  It will change the way we do this wonderful job of Marketing online! So please join us at the tops!

God Bless,


P.S. I want to tell you about David Wood. He is the Co Owner of Empower Network. Here is a little bit about my friend David…

David Wood is a bit of a wild man, who started building his online empire out of the ‘mid-section’ of a green 1996 Dodge Caravan (that he lived in) on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii – since then, he’s become the #1 all time producer in four separate network marketing companies, co-founded the fastest growing affiliate empire in the history of online marketing, and paid out $20.4 million in commissions… just in the last 13 months.  Fill in the form on the right, to learn how ==========>

David has written 238 awesome articles for us at David Wood’s MLM Marketing Prosperity Blog

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